A Freelancer’s Guide To…Branding

A Freelancer’s Guide To…Branding

The following is a guest post from Krishna Solanki, of Krishna Solanki Designs. A digital designer with over 10 years experiences, Krishna tells us why branding is so important for your new business, with a few tips to get you started…

As a new business owner, you have so much to think about – finance, networking, coverage, research, implementation, etc. The one thing that often seems to slip the busy minds of an entrepreneur… is branding.

I wanted to take this opportunity to explain why, as a Digital Designer, it’s important to make sure the branding of your new business is on point.

What is branding?

A brand identity is a logo, fonts, colour palette, icons, and any visual element, that communicates your startups mission and vision. It can also encompass your business’s characteristics in terms of the tone of voice. Branding is putting your brand identity to use.

Why is branding needed?

As a startup, you want your business to stand out, to make a mark – to get noticed.  Especially as the startup industry is so heavily populated.  A good way to stand up and stand out is to make sure you have a brand.  An unbranded product or service is likely to come off as immature or even worse, as spam.

Branding gives your business a visual representation and a well-designed logo can speak a thousand words to your audience if done correctly. In the same light, having a set of fonts, colours, icons, to reinforce your logo builds your business’s look and feel.

Keeping a brand board or a mini style guide by your side can help you keep your brand consistent.

Here are a couple of examples of brand boards I have created for clients in the past:

– PT PLUS brand board:


– Steakizmo brand board:


How do I go about branding?

It all depends on how much time you have and what your budget is.  If you choose the DIY route tools like Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop are your best friends. There are even free tools such canva.com. These routes will save you some money if you are financially restricted but can be time consuming to get it absolutely right.

Getting your branding, right can do wonders for your startup.  It can build credibility and professionalism, recognition, trust, loyalty and differentiation.  Not to mention that it gives your startup personality too.


You may find this other related article from Krishna “10 reasons why startups need a brand identity” useful too.

If you are in need of a brand identity or a rebrand, then as a professional digital designer with over 10 years’ experience, you can get in touch with Krishna at the following places:

Twitter: @kri5hsolanki

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KrishnaSolankiDesigns

Web: http://www.krishnasolankidesigns.com/


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