Tools and Resources


Running your own business can feel lonely at times and it’s common to feel at a loss as to where to start. (Just one of the reasons for starting Freelance Heroes and opening the Cambridge Business Lounge.)

Thankfully, there are a vast wealth of tools and resources available out there to make your life easier and your business more successful! All you just have to do is find the right information.

Throughout this site, I aim to make the whole journey and process easier. In this section, here are some key tools and resources for that very reason…

Tools – There are so many invaluable tools out there for a new business owners, many of which have free price points that are more than capable to help with the early stages. Not only do they make your life easier, they also help to increase your chances of success by widening your customer reach and engagement.

There are some obvious digital tools which nearly everyone uses already today: Social Media, Search Engines, etc. Beyond those, here are some others which I’ve come across that have proven to be useful for many of the businesses that I work with.

Resources – In addition to this site, I’d like to signpost you to other sources of information that may help.