Put Networking On Your Start-Up To Do List

Put Networking On Your Start-Up To Do List

Starting a business may force you produce the longest to-do-list of your life so far. There’s the website to build, bank account to open, business plan to write…it seemingly never events. Which is probably why, as a result, I often hear how new business owners intend to start networking once the business is up and running.

Which of these two scenarios would you prefer for you?:

  1. Get everything in order, go live and then build your network. No. customers on day one = 0
  2. Get everything in order, build awareness for what you’re doing, go live. No. customers on day one = 1+

Cambridge Business Lounge opened our doors on January 8th 2013 and we would have been empty to start with if we hadn’t started to spread the word a few months before. Ann Hawkins and I had our first book (New Business: Next Steps) published in January 2015, but built an excitement and awareness of it through networking events and online a few months earlier. The result of this was a number of pre-sale orders and a launch at Heffers with over 100 people.

You should now get my point. Whether you’ve started trading or not – now is the time to start networking. If you’re stacked with work, great! You still need to start networking now.

Too many business owners realise this too late and fail to make their first birthday.

Don’t wait, start your networking today!

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