The Quality Rule of Social Media

The Quality Rule of Social Media

When you’re sourcing content that you what to share on social media, remember that “quality beats quantity”.

I guest that many of you want to consistently post articles, links, etc., and there are some great scheduling apps to help you to do this, but it also has to be valuable to your audience. For example, quality content is:

  • Entertaining,
  • Educational, or
  • Empowering, and definitely,
  • Relevant to your audience

Also, and quite often, social media accounts will post links to sites in the belief that it’s all ‘relevant content’ because of the headline. But how relevant is it really? This may sound obvious, but take time to read the posts that have been suggested to you, or appear to you when searching for keywords, rather than blindly adding them as social media content.

If not, you could be sharing content that’s either unhelpful or is poor quality, and which could impact how your followers perceive your knowledge or experience.

Quality is not what you put into your social media activity; it is what your audience gets out of it.

Action Point

  • Focus on sharing the best content – rather than any content, simply because it’s quick and could double the number of social media posts that you make.
  • Add your own comment to the post or tweet – that explains why you’re posting it and why it’s relevant to your audience.

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