The Sweet Spot to Running Your Own Business

The Sweet Spot to Running Your Own Business

“Every strike brings me closer to the home run” — Babe Ruth

Why did you start a business? For the admin? To do more of the bits that bore you? …. I didn’t think so.

Sure, there are some tasks that need your attention that are far from inspiring, but your overall focus has to be on what excites you or either you or the business will suffer, usually both.

This venn diagram is designed to make sure your focus is equally on three key areas: Doing what you’re good at, Doing what makes you happy and making a profit. Taking your eye off one of these areas can be either fatal for the business or soul destroying:

Sweet-Spot-1080x6751. Ignoring “Doing what you love”

The business should do well and you’ll make money. But you will eventually become bored.

2. Ignoring “Doing what you’re good at”

The business is no more than a dream.

3. “Ignoring “Making a profit”

Ultimately happy, but unable to pay your bills.

So, the conclusion is simple. Of all the responsibilities and tasks you have to undertake to start a business and make it successful, focus on the sweet spot: Do what you’re good at, make money from it and enjoy it at the same time.

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