Answer Your Phone!

Answer Your Phone!

What would you do if you called the telephone number of a service or product provider you needed and it simply rang and rang and rang?

It’s tough enough getting a new business off the ground and every phone call can be the difference between success or failure, happy or sad, opportunity or misfortune. But if you don’t answer it then you may never ever know. Plus, what impression can it make to a potential or existing customer who may be on the other end of the line?

Make sure all customers and prospects can call you (as well as through email and social media) and that if you can’t answer the phone – it happens, that’s fine – either a voicemail or virtual reception service is set up and can. And once you have set one up, test it to make sure it works and is a good experience for anyone who calls you.

Because, if your number rings and rings and rings, eventually they will hang up and telephone somebody else.

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