Why #MicroBizMattersDay 2017 Really Did Matter

Why #MicroBizMattersDay 2017 Really Did Matter

Image courtery of Tina Fotherby, Famous Publicity.

January is not only the dawn of New Year and new beginnings, but it is also the month of my birthday & MicroBizMattersDay – An annual social media event celebrating businesses, from across the globe, with up to 9 employees.

Of course, many of these will be businesses with just one person, whose need for the lessons and support of MicroBizMattersDay is even more invaluable.

This year, the Headquarters for the big day was Pimlico Plumbers, courtesy of it’s CEO, Charlie Mullins OBE, and his extroadinarily suppportive team.

The day, which was broadcast live on the MicrobizMattersDay website and on it’s Facebook page, consisted of 5 learning hours – Home Business Hour, Food and Drink Hour, Enterprising Young People’s Hour, etc – and a Live Q&A Panel, which featured Tina Boden and Tony Robinson OBE (who are the founders of MicroBizMattersDay), Charlie Mullens OBE, and Kanya King MBE (founder of the MOBO Awards).

Supporting the founders were a team of roadies, who volunteered their time to ensure that the both the live and social media events were a roaring success and fully interactive throughout. Details of the roadies can be found in the event programme, available to download here.

As well as using the #MicroBizMattersDay hashtag, followers were encouraged to get involved using the #IGave13 hashtag too. The premise of this is to encourage people to give 13 somethings to help micro business owners. For example, it could be to write a blog post with 13 tips or spending 13 minutes promoting or supporting a micro business. Why 13? Because this year’s event took place on Friday 13th January.

As well as broadcasting live on Facebook from MicroBizMattersDay HQ, I gave my 13 tips to help micro businesses throughout the day on twitter. In case you missed them, here they are:

Here is also one of the brief interviews I did, featuring Tony, Tina, Charlie, and Karl (Director of Communications at Pimlico Plumbers).

Why Get Involed?

Because, I’m a big believer that the best lessons for anyone running a business comes from others who have walked the walk themselves. Any day that encourages the sharing of experiences, knowledge, and stories of micro businesses can only be a good thing. I hope that, each year, MicroBizMattersDay encourages this desire to share and support throughout the rest of the year too, so that each year on MBMDay, we can celebrate the successes from that support.

I wonder if even, in 2018, we should also include an awards ceremony of some sort, that commemorates those who go far and beyond expecations in the persuit of helping other micro businesses to grow.

To watch the learning hours, find out more about MicroBizMattersDay, and to get involved in MBMD 2018, visit the website: microbizmattersday.rocks.


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