How To Get More Life From One Blog Post

How To Get More Life From One Blog Post

“Creativity is making marvellous out of the discarded” – Unknown

Creating content is one of the constant challenges for many businesses looking to implement their social media strategy.  And while sourcing fresh content is the right thing to do, it’s often worth looking back and seeing how previous blogs can be repurposed, both to continue to engage with the same message as well as reaching a new audience in a more social media savvy way.

Let me show you an example.

Here’s a post I wrote (relevant to this one too, I should add) “The Best Sources for Your Blog Writing Inspiration”. The reason for sharing this is so I can show you how to get the most out of this post. Here are some ideas:

  1. Create an audio version (Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, a podcast).

* There is an audience who like to learn while walking the dog, driving the car, etc. Recording an audible version of your post will get your message/thoughts out to them too.

  1. Create a video version

* Using your webcam and a half-decent mic, you can talk your thoughts into a camera. Google loves video, as do some of your audience.

  1. Take a quote from your article and create an image from it. e.g. from my article above, I could use this:


Using these simple ideas, 3 blogs will give you of at least 12 pieces of content. And you can share old content again, so these can be used more than once. There’s more too (although these ideas require a little more effort):

  1. Use the basis of a blog to deliver a talk or presentation.

* You may need to add more words e.g. if you’re speaking for 20 minutes, you’d ideally want a total word count of around 2,500 words.

  1. Take the data from a blog to create an infographic


  1. Create a presentation from your post to upload to Slideshare

I could go on, but I reckon this is enough to be getting on with. I mean, unless you want more. If so, please just ask.

Alternatively, I’m sure there are other ideas that I haven’t thought of, which I’d love to hear from you. Get in touch here and please let me know what they are.


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