Business Owners’ Open Mastermind Groups

“Emotional, powerful, business changing”

  • An open Mastermind Group – for business owners, freelancers, etc – helps you overcome the challenges your business is facing right now, without judgement or sales pitches.
  • Bring your challenge to the group, and you will leave with a number of solutions that you can implement immediately to help you overcome it.

What are the real benefits to those who attend?

The process at our Mastermind Group allows everyone to provide support to each other based on their experiences, rather than by selling their services.

The 3 stage process is:

  1. One business presents their challenge.
  2. The group systematically asks questions to get to the heart of the challenge.
  3. Solutions are systematically offered to overcome the challenge.

How To Run Your Own Business Owners’ Mastermind Group

I will help you to set up your own Business Owner’s Mastermind Group, anywhere in the UK. For a one of cost of £600, I will:

  • Set up your group online,
  • Help you source and secure the right location
  • Support your promotion on Social Media
  • Host your first event with you.
  • Provide continuous support for each of your monthly events for the first 12 months.

Benefits to you

The benefits are two fold:

  1. You will meet new connections
  2. As lead and host, you will attract new business and leads to you as the centre of your local business community.

Email me at ed[at] and let’s chat about where and when. Alternatively, please contact me here or tweet at @edagoodman.

When is the next Mastermind Group?

Each group is limited to 12 spaces, which means that an early booking is needed to make sure that you don’t miss out.

St Ives, Cambs

Cambridge, Cambs

Coming Soon: Norwich, Milton Keynes, London. Ask here for more details.

What do other freelancers and business owners say about them?

“The Mastermind groups are an hour once a month that I thoroughly enjoy not just for listening to other great business owners offering their perspective but also to help me eradicate that dreadful imposter syndrome. It helps me recognise I genuinely have something to offer and my opinions and thoughts are of value to others.” – Rachel Willer, The Work Bees


The mastermind group is a stroke of genius, getting to learn from other businesses and gaining a different viewpoint is priceless.  Alternatively offering the support and advice is a breath of fresh air and rewarding when the updates are revealed at the next group! Support at its best from people who have been there and done it!” – Anthony Gray, Cintra Translation Ltd


“The Mastermind groups are always really insightful. It’s a fantastic way of being able to get feedback, discuss issues, find solutions or just help someone else in a similar situation. I find you make connections with people much quicker and on a deeper level, as you have to be prepared to share details about your business openly, but in a confidential environment. I love to be able to help people, and I always learn something new in return that I can then apply to my own business challenges.” – Kelly Molson, Rubber Cheese Ltd