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If you are bored with social media, it is more likely you are trying to get more value from it than you are creating for your audience or customers – @fastcompany

Please imagine, for a moment, that your business is a bike. A gorgeous, sexy, beast of a motorbike. All parts of the bike work in harmony with each other, including at least one passenger to drive it forward, so together the bike and rider can successfully navigate any bumps in the road they may face together. The tank is full, the engine is purring, so it’s visor down and let’s ride!

Now I’d like you to picture, sitting alongside the motorbike, is a side car carrying as many passengers as it can (usually one, I know, but it’s your imagination so fill your boots). That side car is unable to move without a reliable motorbike to guide it. It has to compliment how the bike looks or it’ll appear ridiculous, possibly event mocked.

This is how I see social media. In this analogy, the bike is the business. Each part working together, like the stands of a business (marketing, finance, operations, etc.), ensuring the progress of its journey. The side car (the social media aspect of a business) adds personality, compliments the bike, picks passengers up on the way and drops them off too. It isn’t attached to one part of the bike (e.g. solely to marketing) but to different parts to ensure stability. The side car also can’t travel on its own, or at a different speed. It needs the bike.

Firstly, what I won’t do is manage your social media, as the best people to do that are already immersed in the company they should represent on social media.

I will, however, share my skills and knowledge to help you manage your social media. My Social Media / Digital Marketing Training is tailored to the needs of your business. Let’s talk to discuss what your needs are and then I will offer what I believe is the right solution for you. This could be anything and everything from:

  • Developing a successful social media strategy
  • Researching your audience
  • Social media and SEO
  • How to integrate social media into your current marketing plan
  • Developing engaging social media content and going viral
  • Developing your brand tone of voice and how to speak the language your audience needs.
  • Paid social advertising
  • How to measure the impact of your social media posts (ROI)
  • Email Marketing Introduction
  • Email Marketing Strategy and Tools

Each course is fully interactive and designed for you. The final facts are that my training:

  • is available in 121 or group sessions. (The largest training session so far has been to over 120 delegates.)
  • is available anywhere in the UK, Europe, or globally

Let’s talk about how my social media training can work for you. The best way is to get in touch here.

In the meantime, here are just a few of my blogs on how to get the best out of social media.

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The Quality Rule of Social Media

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The Unique Benefit of Social Media

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