The Two Rooms of Social Media Engagement

The Two Rooms of Social Media Engagement

“Content is King, but engagement is Queen and she rules the house” — Mari Smith

Picture this scene. You’re delivering a talk to a group of people made up of your ideal, target audience. However, which of the following rooms would you prefer to hold this in?

Your choice is one of the following…

Room 1: After you deliver the talk, your audience nod in emphatic agreement, but say nothing. Not a word. Mouths completely shut.

Room 2: After you deliver your talk, your audience add their thoughts. They agree with your points, disagree with some, or ask more questions. All the while, you’re the centrepiece of this continuing conversation.

This is a social media analogy, of course, with Room 1 representing social media “likes” and Room 2 representing “comments” and “shares/retweets”.

So, which room would you prefer to be in?

It’s Room 2 for me, every time, but for this to happen, I need to ask questions and proactively seek engagement from my audience. And not just once, I need to repeat this focus time and time again, all the while sticking to the strategy of my social media goals. Although, that’s for another post.

But to be in Room 2, you need to forget the “likes” and focus on getting your followers and fans to add their words, as well as share your words with their network. But for this to happen, you need to give them reason to. Ask your audience questions, seek their experiences to add to yours, and invite them to be part of the conversation because they want to; not just because you want them to.

To help with this, ask yourself: “Why should my target audience follow me on Facebook, Twitter, et al?”, “What’s in it for them?”

What about you?

What ‘Room’ do you prefer to be in? How do you drive engagement from your audience? What brands do this incredibly well? What have I missed?

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