Why You Need To Get Involved in #MicroBizMatters Day 2018

Why You Need To Get Involved in #MicroBizMatters Day 2018

Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face – Mike Tyson

Search the internet for “Small Business Support UK” and Google will throw back almost 9 million results and, no doubt, much of it is very valuable in your drive to plan the future success for your business. But, as Freelance Heroes proves time and time again, the most valuable support comes from those who have walked in the same shoes as you. And with over 5 million micro-business owners in the UK there’s a good chance you’ve walked past, held the door open for, and connected on social media with a micro business owner today already.

Where does your peers support come from? With all this planning you do, who do you turn to when you get “punched in the face”?

On Friday 12th January 2018, Micro Business owners come together for the 3rd annual MicroBizMattersDay, the world’s biggest, annual, social media enterprise extravaganza. The day is organised by, run by and for micro (0-9 employees and under £2 million turnover) business owners everywhere. During the intense day of Recognition, Action, and Learning, there is even more practical help, from thousands of real businesses, that has ever been sought or given. It’ll also trend on Twitter for close to, if not over twelve hours, yet again.

So, how can you get involved, especially if you can’t make it to XYZ Social & Works, which is the home of MicroBizMattersDay for this year? Here are 4 ways…

1. Watch the learning hours online via microbizmattersday.rocks, as well as live streaming on the event’s Facebook and YouTube channels. Freelance Hereos “hour” kicks off at 10:15 with my Co-Founder, Annie Browne.

2. Log on to twitter and follow the hashtag #MicroBizMatters. RT others who use it, meet fellow micro business owners, and get involed in the buzz.

3. Contact your nearest Coworking Space to bring together other micro business owners for a celebration

4. Finally, and my favourite social media action from the day, follow the #IGave12 hashtag on twitter and ensure you give 12 to help another micro business owner? This could be by writing a blog post giving 12 hints or tips, pledging to buy 12 items from micro businesses in the next 6 months, spending 12 minutes promoting or supporting another micro business, following 12 new micro businesses on social media – the list is endless as long as you use the number 12 and tell people what you’ve done by sharing with the #MicroBizMatters Day team using #IGave 12 or posting to the event’s facebook page!

You can download the MicroBizMattersDay Official Programme here too.

How will you be getting involed in MicroBizMattersDay 2018? Let me know at @edagoodman or contact me here


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